The main purpose of publishing the scientific journal of space science and technology is to inform about new phenomena and achievements in all fields of space science and technology. Achievements of this journal during 12 years have shown that this goal has been reachable with the cooperation and welcome of all researchers working in the above-mentioned fields which indicates the goal of achieving the vision of the journal.


1- Space System Engineering

-Infrastructure (labs, sensors, software,…)

-Space transportation systems Design (launch site and subsystems,…)

-Space systems design (spacecraft, satellites, space stations and their equipment)

-Space subsystems design: (navigation, control, structure and…)

-Space Ground Segment: receiving, transmitting, controlling and data processing

- Space New Technologies

2- Space operation and applications


-Remote sensing

-GPS and navigation

-Space and social development

3- commerce, management, and apace law

- space affairs planning

- space policy

- space standards

- space law

- space commercialization

- space privatization

- space management

- safety in space

4- Space Sciences and Exploration

- planetary sciences, asteroids and comets 

- Interplanetary exploration

- physiology and space medicine (astrobiology)

- space debris 

- space weather prediction

- space geology

5- Investigating Space Radiation

recognition, evaluation, and detection of space radiation