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1 Aerospace research institute, Aerospace research institute, Ministry of Science, Research and Technology, Tehran, Iran

2 aerospace research institute, Assistant professor


4 Assistant Professor


Monopropellant thruster are used to inject a satellite into orbit or control its position on three axes in space missions. One of them is hydrazine thruster which is widely used. In this research, design of the injector, decomposition chamber and nozzle of a 10N hydrazine monopropellant thruster have been performed. The capillary injector was designed using Fluent software for this thruster which was able to supply the mass flow rate of the thruster (5 gr/sec). The decomposition chamber contains catalyst granules and its dimensions were selected based on the complete decomposition of hydrazine. The nozzle was designed by RPA software. The validation of the design with RPA software was checked by a numeric code. This code was able to calculate the dimensions of the decomposition chamber based on the amount of hydrazine decomposition. Accordingly, the results of both design methods are strongly consistent with each other. At the end of the design, the final thruster design and drawings were prepared.