In this paper attitude control system of nanosatellite based on Single Gimbal Control Moment Gyroscope (SGCMG) is presented. A LQR/LQG method is developed for stability of satellite and a feedback quaternion strategy is used for maneuvering mode. In the stabilization mode LQR/LQG controllers are designed with linearization of nonlinear dynamic equation of satellite and control moment gyroscope, so that in other reseach didn’t use this controller in the stabilization mode of this system. In the maneuvering mode a feedback quaternion controller applyed for nonlinear system. Numerical simulations are provided to show the efficiency of the proposed controller for a nanosatellite with four single gimbal control moment gyroscope pyramid cluster. Results of simulations shown that LQR/LQG method is more accurate in compared with feedback quaternion controller.


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