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1 Remote Sensing Payload Group, Satellite Research Institute (SRI), Iranian Space Research Center (ISRC), Tehran, Iran

2 remote Sensing Payload Group, Satellite Research Institute,, Iranian Space Research Center, Tehran, Iran



In this paper, a step-by-step laboratory procedure for performing a satellite's payload’s alignment measurement is presented. Four highly accurate theodolites are used along with two or more alignment corner cube to accurately extract the final attitude. Theodolites are arranged around the satellite in such a way that they have a clear direct view of the alignment cubes mounted on the payload and the satellite. Two theodolites should point to the payload’s alignment cube and the other two theodolites must point to the satellite’s alignment cube. Each theodolite must see at least one other theodolite, directly. Finally, by forming the coordinates systems of the payload and satellite in the theodolites coordinate system along with using the coordinate transfer matrices, the payload alignment correction matrix will be extracted in detail. The total method accuracy is within the order of few arcseconds.


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