Journal of Space Science and Technology run by Aerospace Research Institute under the license of Iranian Aerospace Society has been publishing papers in Farsi (Abstracts in English) since September 2008.

This journal follows these objectives:

  • Creating communication between science-research centers, researchers, and students of Space, mechanics, electricity, and other related fields inside Iran
  • Advancing space research and improving the scientific and technical level in the field of space
  • Assisting in creating scientific communication and collaboration between researchers, industrial and scientific and research centers within and outside the country
  • Publishing the scientific, research, and technical achievements of lecturers, students, and specialists of Space Science

Journal Scopes

1- Space System Engineering

-Infrastructure (labs, sensors, software,…)

-Space transportation systems Design (launch site and subsystems,…)

-Space systems design (spacecraft, satellites, space stations, and their equipment)

-Space subsystems design: (navigation, control, structure, and…)

-Space Ground Segment: receiving, transmitting, controlling, and data processing

- Space New Technologies

2- Space operation and applications


-Remote sensing

-GPS and navigation

-Space and social development

- Tourism

3- Commerce, management, and space law

- Space affairs planning

- Space policy

- Space standards

- Space law

- Space commercialization

- Space privatization

- Space management

- Safety in space

4- Space Sciences and Exploration

- Planetary sciences, asteroids, and comets 

- Interplanetary exploration

- Physiology and space medicine (astrobiology)

- Space debris 

- Space weather prediction

- Space geology

5- Investigating Space Radiation

- Recognition, evaluation, and detection of space radiation

- Measuring the effectiveness of radiation on space systems

- Protection of space systems against radiation

Article Types 
  • Research Article
  • Technical Note
  • Review article