• Plagiarism is intentionally using someone else’s ideas or other original material as if they are one's own.
  • Copying even one sentence from someone else’s manuscript, or even one of your own that has previously been published, without proper citation is considered by JSST Journal as plagiarism.
  • If plagiarism is detected during peer review, the submission can be rejected.
  • If plagiarism is detected after publication we reserve the right, as necessary, to issue a correction or retract the article.
  • We reserve the right to notify the institutions of authors about the plagiarism that was found before or after publication.
  • Thus, plagiarism is a serious violation of publication ethics. The authors are expected to check their manuscript for plagiarism before submission.

All manuscripts under review or published with JSST are subject to screening using plagiarism prevention software. For Persian papers journal uses (Hamanandjoo) to detect plagiarism.

English papers are investigated using iThenticate (HAMSANA) of Farnam Company or TURNITIN. It is worth noting that in case the percent of similarity in a manuscript exceeds 10% of national and international standards, it will be sent back to the author and any resubmission is also prohibited.