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1 Assistant Professor of Satellite Communication Group- Faculty of Communications Technology, Iran Telecommunication Research Center, Tehran, Iran

2 M. Sc. Department of Mechanical Engineering, Malek Ashtar University of Technology, Tehran,, Iran

3 Instructor of Satellite Communication Group Faculty of Communications Technology.Iran Telecommunication Research Center.Tehran.Iran



Aeronautical-ESIM (A-ESIM) provides a satellite broadband service for aircraft occupants. Due to the frequency sharing of this service with previous services, there is a possibility of its frequency interference on previous services. According to the resolution WRC 2019, the A-ESIM frequency interference on co-frequency ground stations must be prevented by observing the power flux density (PFD) mask . However, the approval of the PFD condition fulfillment method has been postponed to the WRC 2023. In this regard, some countries have simulated and determined the minimum allowable height of A-ESIM from the ground, so that the PFD reached the ground does not exceed the specified mask. In many cases, only limited positions of unauthorized heights will cause the PFD to override the mask. Therefore, in this paper, with a new solution, the authorized and unauthorized positions of A-ESIM are determined at any height less than the minimum allowable height, relative to a fixed ground station. In addition, the unauthorized positions of the A-ESIM in both take-off and landing positions are simulated and determined depending on the slope of the A-ESIM.


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